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Lyngdorf TDAI1120 Amplifier Our Opinion

Lyngdorf TDAI1120 Amplifier Our Opinion

We were very excited when we got the Lyngdorf dealer account and naturally, we were keen to put their products through their paces straight away.

There seemed to be a lot of intrigue by a lot of people about the TDAI1120 amplifier with RoomPerfect calibration. They seemed very keen on the product but as of yet, they had not seen any reviews. At first glance, this amp did not stand out and looks very understated. But looks are very deceiving to say the least.

We connected it up to a pair of PMC Twenty5.23i floor standing speakers using Chord Epic X speaker cable. The amplifier we connected to our network directly through a Chord Epic Streaming ethernet cable. We used a Chord Shawline Mains cable too, all to ensure we can hear this system at its best. 

The remote control can be supplied by Lyndorf for an additional £100, however we decided to use the Lyngdorf App instead. This made a bit more sense to use this as we would be using either a smart mobile phone or tablet to stream to the amp anyway.

We got the amp connected to the app using the Google Home software and it was connected in around 2-3 minutes, once this was done it was a simple case of opening the Lyngdorf app and selecting the device.

Now, here comes the really exciting bit, the room correction. Supplied in the box is a microphone and a substantial microphone stand, quickly assembled, microphone attached we then selected the RoomPerfect option via the settings menu in the Lyngdorf app. The first thing it asked us to do was to place the microphone at ear level to the primary focal listening position or the best seat in the house for want of a better description. The unit then started to emit some low/mid frequency sounds from the left speaker, then it started to emit some mid/high frequencies shortly after. It sounded pretty strange and reminded me of the Hammer Horror films from the 1970’s. Next, it did the same thing with the right speaker. What it is actually doing is measuring the natural presentation of your speaker so see how they sound.

After this was complete the app suggested placing the microphone in another random position in the room. We did this and the amp then emitted the same sounds only this time the process was slightly shorter in time. On the app, it then suggested that the RoomPerfect status was 52%. So, we carried on placing the microphone in other random positions in the room. We repeated this until the status was at 97%. This process took around 15 minutes in total.

Now the first thing we did after calibrating the amp was to put it through its paces by putting some music through it using our Tidal Hifi account.

The first track I tried was “Death Row” by Chris Stapleton we had the RoomPerfect on “Bypass” first (meaning it was not active) then switched it to “Focus” position the difference in the soundstage was staggering. Chris’ voice seemed to project right at us, the guitars had real presence as if they were being strummed right in front of us, while the chilling creaks of the prison seemed to envelop the whole demo room.

Next, we listened to a bit of electronica I put on “unfolding” by Rival Consoles from the “Persona” Album. The timing was just amazing, the rhythm was fast and when the bass line dropped the dynamics were huge and the sheer imagery was incredible.

My colleague then played “Keep the Wolves Away” by Uncle Lucius a soft rock affair. Again, switching between “Bypass” and “Focus” on the RoomPerfect setting. With Bypass on the soundstage was dwarfed out with the amount of bass that this track was producing. Switching it back to Focus and suddenly it was like taking earplugs out, the imagery was back and the bass far more controlled to such a point that it was almost like listening to a different track.

The one thing that happened when the RoomPerfect was activated, was very noticeable was the typical bass boom that occurs when a large speaker is moving air within a smaller room, was taken away as the amplifier seemed to have a better grip on the speakers and also had a greater understanding of the room acoustics.

Unique to the way RoomPerfect works, is that it can easily work with any brand of speaker, not changing the characteristics of the speakers but rather enhancing the listening experience within any room, acoustically treated or not.

All this taken into account this amplifier is nothing short of brilliant. It has a very neutral presentation and with RoomPerfect on board makes for a listening experience that is so musical, you will be listening to it for hour after hour and even into the wee small hours without realising.

We look forward to welcoming you in for a demonstration of this cracking amplifier and this amazing technology!

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