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Subwoofers are just for home cinema right?

Subwoofers are just for home cinema right?

We beg to differ! 

Sure a home cinema without a Subwoofer is like a piece of the puzzle is missing, the whole experience comes up short, so why should this be different in a stereo system?  

Firstly we need to understand why we use a Subwoofer, it's not just for the bangs and crashes of a film its to offer deeper or 'sub' bass to a system when the main speakers are unable to deliver that frequency of bass.  

Well, music is exactly the same a deep bass note on a long pipe organ or the low notes on a double bass are particularly difficult for a speaker to reproduce, especially a stand mount or smaller speaker but the same can be said for almost all speakers. 

We took a couple of our favourite speakers, the Sonus Faber Luminor III and the PMC Twenty5.21 both are around the £2k point price point the Sonus are floor standing and the PMC are compact stand mount speakers. 

Using an Arcam SA30 ( EISA amplifier of the year 2020) we added to each speaker, in turn, an SVS SB1000 Subwoofer at just over £500. We listen Using one of my go-to tracks, Death Row by Chris Stapleton streamed via Qobuz

With a little time and blending we matched the Subwoofer to the speakers, so what did we find? Well there was more bass, no surprise there I'm sure you'll be thinking, but not sheer weight of the bass, there was more depth of bass, the lower frequencies had more texture the bass was more defined. But a big surprise was that on both our test speakers the midrange became more open, there was more air to the presentation and the sound stage became wider, it was as if the Subwoofer had completed the speaker system.

Now its important to draw attention to the Subwoofer, as they are certainly not created equally, a Subwoofer that will add to your music system must be fast and able to track the music perfect otherwise it will become muddy and have a negative impact on your system. We proudly stock SVS and Lyngdorf Subwoofer in store.

What we would suggest is to come in and have a listen to one of our systems in our listing rooms in our Nottingham showroom and let us demonstrate how much better a stereo system can sound with the addition of a Subwoofer. 

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