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In Phase BX-6XT 6" Slot Ported High Quality Subwoofer Enclosure For In Phase XT-6

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Elevate your car audio experience to new depths with the Phase BX-6XT Slot Ported Subwoofer Enclosure. Engineered to maximize the performance of the In Phase XT-6 subwoofer, this enclosure combines precision engineering with high-quality materials to deliver powerful bass and unparalleled sound quality.

Designed for enthusiasts who demand the best, the BX-6XT enclosure features a slot ported design that optimizes airflow and minimizes turbulence, resulting in deep, impactful bass that fills your vehicle with rich, immersive sound. The sturdy construction and premium-grade materials ensure durability and reliability, allowing you to enjoy high-fidelity audio for years to come.

Whether you're cruising down the highway or parked at your favorite hangout spot, the Phase BX-6XT Subwoofer Enclosure delivers a bass experience that you can feel. Take your car audio system to the next level with the Phase BX-6XT 6" Slot Ported Subwoofer Enclosure and unleash the full potential of your In Phase XT-6 subwoofer.

Upgrade your car audio system today with the Phase BX-6XT Slot Ported Subwoofer Enclosure and experience bass like never before. Unlock the true potential of your music and enjoy a listening experience that moves you.

High Quality Carpet
The Soot Black carpet has high grade fibres commonly found in industrial carpet used in offices and schools, whilst maintaining a soft to touch texture. This compliments the expert box design to go with it.

MDF Like No Other
The box structure is fabricated from high density MDF that has similarities to high end laminate floors. Made for performance without compromise. Enjoy tight bass in your car with a proper made box.

Binding Post
The binding post is made from high quality plastic will metal terminals plated with a gold finish.

Instead of loose and unstable sounding bass, you can have softened bass that sounds amazing thanks to the synthetic filling.

Slot Ported
The slot port allows bass waves to travel further giving a much louder effect.

• Tuned to 38Hz
• 18mm Thick wood
• Sustainably sourced wood

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