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In Phase XT-10 Kevlar Cone 2Ω Dual Voice Coil 1200W Peak Power Subwoofer

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Experience thunderous bass and unparalleled performance with the In Phase XT-10 Kevlar Cone Subwoofer. Engineered for audiophiles and car audio enthusiasts, this subwoofer delivers exceptional power and clarity, enhancing your music listening experience with deep, resonant bass.

Kevlar Cone
The XT-10 features a premium Kevlar cone that is lightweight yet incredibly rigid, allowing for accurate and distortion-free bass reproduction. Kevlar is renowned for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance even under high-powered conditions.

Dual Voice Coil Design
Equipped with a dual voice coil configuration, the XT-10 offers versatile wiring options and compatibility with a variety of amplifier setups. With its 2-ohm impedance, this subwoofer can handle high power levels while providing maximum flexibility in system design.

High Power Handling
With a peak power rating of 1200 watts, the XT-10 is capable of delivering thunderous bass and room-filling sound that will impress even the most discerning listeners. Whether you're listening to your favorite music genres or enjoying immersive audio experiences in movies or games, this subwoofer ensures powerful and impactful bass performance.

Precision Engineering
The XT-10 is meticulously engineered to deliver uncompromising performance and reliability. From its high-quality materials to its precision construction, every aspect of this subwoofer is designed to optimize sound quality and maximize durability, ensuring years of enjoyment.

Versatile Installation
The XT-10 is designed for easy integration into a variety of vehicle audio systems. Whether you're building a custom car audio setup or upgrading your existing system, this subwoofer offers flexible installation options to suit your needs. Its compact size and shallow mounting depth make it ideal for installation in tight spaces, while its robust construction ensures reliable performance in any environment.

Upgrade your car audio system with the In Phase XT-10 Kevlar Cone Subwoofer and experience the thrill of powerful, distortion-free bass. With its premium construction, high power handling, and versatile installation options, this subwoofer is the perfect choice for audiophiles and enthusiasts looking to take their sound system to the next level.

• Imp: 4 Ohm
• Power: 350 Watts RMS
• Voice Coil: 2.0" BASV/32
• Magnet: 2x 45oz
• Dcr: 3.8 Ohm
• L: 3.868 mH
• Fs: 39.217 Hz
• SD: 33.006 msqM
• BL: 15.382 TM
• Qms: 4.298
• Qes: 0.497
• Qts: 0.445
• EBP: 88
• n: 0.238
• SPLo: 85.8 dB
• Vas: 20.297 liters
• Cms: 131.21 mm/N
• Mms: 125.52 g
• Mmd: 122.072 mm
• Xmax: 16 mm
• MD: 133 mm
• OD: 262 mm
• OH: 230 mm
• Md: φ246x8x(5.5x8) mm
• BC: 230 mm
• NW: 5.9 Kgs

  • In Phase XT-10 Subwoofer
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