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In Phase XT-8 Kevlar Cone 2Ω Dual Voice Coil 1000W Peak Power Subwoofer

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Just because it’s small don’t discount it. The NEW In Phase XT range is the second generation of the XT series subwoofers. With some huge improvements to the already fantastic XT series these 2nd gen XT subs really need to be heard and handled to appreciate the true quality within. Passengers will be blown away and left questioning whether you’ve equipped the boot with a 10 or 12-inch woofer once they’ve heard this combination slam, subtlety and immediacy of bass response. For tight, punchy, melodic bass there’s no need to listen elsewhere. If you actually want musicality rather than outright soul destroying, window rattling, this 8-inch could be the perfect woofer for the job. British Design All In Phase audio products are designed in the UK utilising over 30 years of audio experience to create a sound that is right for you. Enclosure Type Subwoofer This sub is designed to be installed in an enclosure sealed or bass reflex enclosure will suffice. Open air installs can reduce power output. Bass Reproduction This In Phase sub offers superb bass reproduction using high quality materials. When using the right enclosure and amp, you could be hitting sub 40Hz! Construction The In Phase XT Series subwoofers use a Kevlar Cone technology which is far more dense than traditional paper/polyprop cones allowing the sub to endure more power. The 90oz magnet keeps the sub flexing and pushing bass waves out to a higher standard. Power output This sub is build for a perfect balance of SPL and SQ. So it offers a humble 300W RMS power output and 1000W Peak Power output.

Kevlar Cone
Crafted from premium Kevlar material, the XT-8's cone offers exceptional strength and rigidity while maintaining a lightweight profile. Kevlar's renowned durability ensures long-lasting performance, while its ability to accurately reproduce bass frequencies guarantees a high-fidelity listening experience.

Dual Voice Coil Configuration
Featuring dual voice coils, the XT-8 provides flexibility in wiring configurations and compatibility with various amplifiers. With a 2-ohm impedance for each voice coil, this subwoofer allows for optimized power delivery and efficient operation, resulting in impactful bass response.

High Power Handling
With a peak power rating of 1000 watts, the XT-8 delivers robust and dynamic bass performance that fills your vehicle with immersive sound. Whether you're listening to music, watching movies, or enjoying gaming sessions on the go, this subwoofer ensures a thrilling audio experience.

Precision Engineering
Engineered with precision and attention to detail, the XT-8 is designed to deliver reliable performance and exceptional sound quality. From its premium materials to its meticulous construction, every aspect of this subwoofer is optimized for maximum performance and durability.

Compact Design
The XT-8 features a compact design that allows for easy installation in a variety of vehicle audio systems. Its 8-inch size strikes the perfect balance between impactful bass and space-saving convenience, making it an ideal choice for enthusiasts seeking impressive sound quality without sacrificing cabin space.

Upgrade your car audio system with the In Phase XT-8 Dual Voice Coil Subwoofer and enjoy deep, powerful bass performance on the road. With its premium construction, high power handling, and versatile design, this subwoofer is sure to enhance your listening experience with immersive sound quality and impact.

• Imp: 4 Ohm
• POWER: 300 RMS
• VOICE COIL: 2.0" BASV/30
• MAGNET: 2x45oz
• Dcr: 3.8 Ohm
• L: 3.355 mH
• Fs: 42.457 Hz
• SD: 20.106 msqM
• BL: 14.94 TM
• Qms: 3.974
• Qes: 0.407
• Qts: 0.369
• EBP: 115
• n: 0.164
• SPLo: 84.2 dB
• Vas: 9.011 L
• Cms: 156.973 mm/N
• Mms: 89.519 g
• Mmd: 87.88 g
• Xmax: 15 mm
• MD: 124 mm
• OD: 215 mm
• OH: 147 mm
• Md: φ199X8X(5.5X8)
• BC: 182 mm
• NW: 5.5 Kgs

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