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Juice JWTRU81 8 Gauge Mono/2 Channel 1800w Amplifier Wiring Kit

by Juice
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This Juice wiring kit enables you to install any amplifier to your vehicle. (up to 60A). This wiring kit is commonly used on active subwoofer systems and small amp integration.

You should never underestimate the importance of a good wiring kit for your amp. Using lower quality cheap unbranded wiring kits can cause your system to fail/underperform. Think of filling a bucket with water, the hose you are using has multiple holes throughout the pipe, or is simple too small, how would you fill your bucket? The bucket, is filling but not efficiently. Having bad quality cables has the same effect. The hose is the cables and the bucket your amp. In order for your amplifier to deliver its best performance you need the best cables.

It does not matter if your amp if £50 or £1000, the cables are just as important. Badly insulated cables will become hot and potentially cause a fire.

British Design
All Juice products are designed in the UK by audio experts who have studied and listened in detail to audio for over a combined period of 200+ years. So, they know a thing a or two about what things are supposed to sound like!

'TRU' Gauge Wiring
Unlike cheaper alternatives you will find on eBay and Amazon, the Juice TRU series are true to the gauge advertised. A lot of unbranded/cheap cables you will see on eBay and Amazon will state 10/8/4/2/0 gauge, which is the size of the cable including insulation. The Juice TRU are the specific gauge BEFORE insulation is taken into account. So, there is no downturn in performance, audio quality or interference.

Twisted RCA Cables
This kit contains shielded RCA cables which are tightly twisted for extra shielding to ultimately reduce signal loss and interference.

Gold Plated Terminals
Gold plated terminals improve the conductivity, this provides great power transfer and corrosion resistant. These also give your install a nice, polished finish.

• 15.5ft (472.44cm) - 8 Gauge Clear Orange Power Cable
• 8.3MM2 true AWG,3ft (91.44cm) - 8 Gauge Clear Silver Power Cable
• 8.3MM2 true AWG,15.5ft (472.44cm) - 18 Gauge Blue Remote Cable,30ft (914.4cm) - Clear Speaker Cable,15.5ft (472.44cm) - Clear Twisted Pair RCA Cable,8 Gauge Ring Terminals
• Gold Plated
• 1 Black/ 1 Red,8 Gauge Spade Terminals
• Gold Plated
• 1 Black/ 1 Red,16 Gauge Spade Terminals
• Gold Plated
• 2 Black/ 2 Red,10x 4" (10.16cm) Black Cable Ties,Mini ANL Fuse Holder
• w/2x60A Fuse

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